Seasonal Characters

Santa and Mrs Claus - $145


Who better to knock on your door than our twinkly eyed and jolly Santa and his lovely wife. They cannot wait to spread some Christmas joy this year.

This year is a little different but will be just as magical!

30 Minute Visits for one Family

Santa can wear his traditional suit or his new Christmas Chronicles suit

Masks will be worn to enter the house and seat ourselves

6 ft away from your little ones

Once seated we can read a story and answer questions

Pictures are a must!

Even though we can't whisper our gift ideas in Santa's ear this year, we love to collect letters to take home and share with our elves.

Skype, Zoom or Face time call - $50

Invite a character to call your little one!

20 minute call with stories, songs and magic as the characters invite each caller into their magic world!

Not ready just yet for a visit? Why not book a Zoom Call with Santa or Mrs Claus, Buddy or our Train Conductor? - $50 for one character or $80 for two.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christ

Polar Conductor -$100

Put on the hot chocolate and break out the marshmallows for a magical visit. 

30 Minute Visits for one Family

Masks will be worn to enter the house and seat ourselves

6 ft away from your little ones

Once seated he will read his story and answer questions! All little guests will receive a special bell from Santa's sleigh to ring during the story.

Pictures are a must!

He would to collect your letter to take back to the North Pole to share with Santa and the Elves


Candy Cane the Elf - $50

Do you want a doorstep visit from one of our Christmas Elves?

Our Candy Cane Elf can pick up a letter to deliver personally from your child to Santa, they will leave a special Bell to add to your tree from Santas sleigh. One Bell per child in your family

Buddy the Elf -$50

Candy Cane Delivery by Buddy the Elf

Who better to bring some candy than Buddy! I mean his 4 main food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!

He will come with a box of candy filled to the brim

with Christmas Cheer!

Christmas Carolers -$130

Do you want a doorstep visit from three beautiful Carolers?

Christmas Caroling with the Princesses

Three beautiful Christmas themed Princesses will knock on your door to spread some Christmas cheer with songs and pictures galore! 


A Frozen Adventure - $150

A Frozen Visit with Four Characters

Book our Queen and her sister and add our snowman and the Ice Carver for pictures and songs! They will leave you with a handwritten Christmas card!  Add a special gift wrapped from the characters


Portrait of happy Santa Claus sitting at