Mini Spa Inclusions 

Can be themed for parties like Trolls, Descendants, Mermaids etc

Spa Time

Let's start with a kid-friendly spa mask and scented foot bath while our helper sets up for fun activities

Robes and Slippers/flipflops

Perfect for the spa and pictures​

Mini Makeovers

With light lipgloss, glitter tattoos and nail painting. Nails should be free of polish  includes simple painting *

Face Painting/Glitter Tattoos


Our host will do a simple cheek or arm design for any child who wants one! Choose from Facepaint or Glitter Tattoos.

Themed Music & Dance


Let's have a dance party with our music machine and microphone


Birthday Photos


 We end the party by having a mini photoshoot - Add a poloroid camera to your package for pictures that can be taken away  immediatly 

Spa Package - 90 Minutes




Add a craft like "Make your Own Lip Gloss" - $4 each

Polaroid Camera$10 to hire - $2 per polaroid 

Feather Boas - $3 each

Popcorn or Cotton candy Machine - $60 each or two for $100

*These are tailored for children and do not include sharp objects, cuticle cutting or nail trimming

If you have more than 12 children, we strongly suggest an additional member of staff.


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