Custom portrait with a character

Custom portrait with a character

A CUSTOM digital portrait of your little one with their favorite character!


Let us create a digital portrait from any photograph you provide.  Our artist can personalize your portraits completely, depending on if you wanted full body, or only faces, etc .I can also make any changes to the picture that you wish (change shirt color, etc.)

Portraits of more than 2 people ARE available, just message for pricing.


We will need after booking:

- Picture that you wish for me to recreate (preferably of high quality)
- Color that you wish for the background to be
- Any other concerns/questions
We will have your designs sent to you by email within 1-3 days, but be aware that each portrait can take anywhere from 2-4 hours.


This is a digital copy - we can have this proffessionally printed as well for an additiona cost. 

Handmade in Pennsylvania.