Spooky Halloween Visits - Old School Villains OCTOBER 31ST

Spooky Halloween Visits - Old School Villains OCTOBER 31ST

Halloween falls on a Spooky Saturday this year...What could be better than a visit from three dastardly villains.  Hook, Jafar and Maleficent have teamed up to deliver sweet treats on October 31st!


They will swing for a 10 minute visit and deliver sweet treats from Sugar Mere, take pictures with your children, and make their Halloween Spooky and Spectacular.


Sugar Mere has knocked it out of the park with their cookie selection!


Choose from a single cookie - $6, three piece cookie - $15 or the Graze $60 ...You know you want to!


The Graze is a perfect platter to feed a family of 4-8!!!

It includes 25 minis, two big cookies, plus  pretzels, candy corn, mini tootsie rolls, chocolate eyeballs, fake fangs, sticky hands, gummy bears and pixie sticks... Phew!


We will let you know more of an exact time the week prior when we have finalized our route - please let us know if you have a preference for am or pm.

20 mile radius from Allentown only. 

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