The Captain

This girl has some serious power. As one of the best supers out there, she would love to attend your party and teach superhero training! 


He can climb on just about anything, and you better watch out for those spiderwebs! He is the perfect addition to any superhero party!

American Captain

The all American superhero! He is your kid's favorite super and he would love to attend your event. He teaches the superhero code of honor!

Lasso Woman

Her lasso of truth and super strength aren't her only super powers. She teaches us that honor and family are just as important, too. 

Bat Hero

He stands for justice! Invite him and even his superhero sidekick, too! This duo has all of the superhero moves in the book and they'd love to teach them to some supers in training!

Super Gal

Is that a bird? A plane? No! Its this superhero flying right down to your event! Surprise your little ones with the perfect visit from their favorite superhero!

Black Panther

Wakanda Forever! This iconic superhero would love to visit your party for a memorable super surprise!